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ABDUCTED, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery: A Sneak Peek!




I WOKE IN a strange room. The cot I’d been sleeping on was now replaced by a real bed with two real pillows. I was covered with a soft comforter, definitely an improvement over the stiff sheet I’d had before.

I was still in the dark and as I glanced around the room, I noted that the windows, or more accurately portholes, had been blacked out.

I sat up and, as I did, the comforter fell away. I glanced down at my body. I was no longer naked, but instead was dressed in sweet, cotton nightgown, not unlike those I used to wear when I was a kid.

I closed my eyes and let myself revel in this newfound luxury.

Taking a deep breath, I glanced about the room, letting my eyes get used to the lack of light. There was a dresser located next to the bed. On top sat what looked like a carafe. I stood and poured some of its contents into a matching cup. I sniffed the liquid, then tasted it with my tongue. It was water. Drinking deeply, I opened the dresser drawers to see what was inside.

I was disappointed to find only a pair of cotton shorts and matching blouse along with a pair of white silk panties. I pulled these garments out and checked them over, hoping to find some clue as to where I was.

But I was again disappointed. All the tags and labels had been removed. Whoever had me was very thorough.

Putting the clothing down, I began to investigate the room. There was a small closet opposite the bed, but it was empty.

I walked back to the bed and picked up the shorts. They looked like they might be my size. The blouse was one of those with two long tails in the front that were meant to be tied under the breasts, leaving one’s midriff bare and exposed. I held it up in front of my body. It, too, would fit.

I poured myself another cup of water and walked around the room. I tried the door to the outside and was not surprised to find it locked. I put my ear to it, listening, but all I could hear were the sounds of machinery. Based on what I heard and the blacked-out portholes, I surmised that I was still on a ship – albeit a different one – a better one than I’d been imprisoned on before.

There was nothing left in this room to examine, so I decided to check out the adjoining bathroom.

There was a sink, shower, and a real toilet. Saying a silent prayer, I turned on the sink’s faucets and, low and behold, I had running water, both hot and cold.

I did the same with the shower and was gratified to see and hear the sound of running water.Inside the stall I noted there were small bottles of shampoo and conditioner as well as a bar of soap. Knowing that I was, indeed, filthy, I stripped off my nightgown and turned on the hot water. When it was ready, I stepped inside for my first shower in what I believed was over a week.

God, it felt good!

At first, I just stood quietly, enjoying the sensation of the hot spray pounding against my skin. Then, I tackled my tangled, matted hair and my soiled body.

When I finally finished, I reluctantly stepped out and wrapped myself in one of the large, white, fluffy towels that hung over the adjoining bathtub. I wrapped my hair in another one, then sat on the stool that stood by the sink and appraised my appearance in the mirror.

I had a large bruise on my forehead, from what I didn’t know. There were other black and blue marks on my arms and one on my thigh that I surmised was from the injection that asshole had given me.

Other than those marks and the fact that I had definitely lost weight, I looked okay – still me.

As I turned away, I noted that the mirror was not made of glass, but rather, some kind of acrylic material. Apparently, my captor didn’t want me breaking it to use as a weapon.

I glanced around the room. I could find no hairdryer, but there was a brush sitting on the vanity and I spent some time using it untangle my hair. When I was done, I dressed in the shorts and top, returned to the bedroom, had another cup of water, and waited.Someone would come, and I expected they would come soon…

ABDUCTED, A KATE POMEROY MYSTERY, Book 3 in the award-winning Kate Pomeroy Gothic Mystery Series

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