Book Review: Chosun: A Novel of the Korean War by J. Scott Payne

A Riveting Account of the Korean War

J. Scott Payne is at it again – this time taking on the Korean War. His protagonist, Sergeant Charlie Riegle, a veteran of World War II, becomes disillusioned with civilian life in rural Michigan and decides to re-enlist. He is sent to join the 8thArmy in Japan where he finds discipline is lax and the troops he will be commanding ill prepared for any type of conflict.

Unfortunately for him, he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. After North Korea launches a full-scale invasion of the South, Charlie finds himself having to shepherd a group of very green GIs as they try to defend the Pusan Perimeter.

As with his other novels dealing with WWII, Payne is meticulous with historical detail. The Korean War was a relatively short conflict, but extremely bloody, and the scenes of carnage involving these young soldiers will grip at your heart. Chosun is extremely well written and, while military fiction is not my genre, I found it hard to put the book down. It’s a real page-turner!

Chosun is most highly recommended for anyone interested in learning more about the police action in Korea and for those who enjoy military historical fiction.

Chosun: A Novel of the Korean War is available on Amazon and can be read **FREE** on #KindleUnlimited.