Midwest Book Review: Sarah & Zoey, A Novella

I just received this from MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW:

Sarah has everything good in life: a career, family, and nice home. Mindy Sue is her opposite: she has none of these things and few joys in life – just her dog, Zoey. It’s ironic to find that a dog will bring these disparate worlds together in a meeting that portends changes for both, and intriguing to read the process whereby Sarah and Mindy find their very different lives on a parallel trajectory.

Animal lovers will relish the clear contrast between a woman who feels truly blessed with her life and choices and one who feels trapped; all set against the backdrop of a special dog who brings them together.

For Sarah, this involves a day when everything changes and her perfect world comes apart in an instant. For Mindy Sue, it’s when the final blow sends her dog and herself to the brink of death. Mindy must consider what’s best for Zoey’s future. Sarah is deep in grief.

Three disparate lives – two human, one canine – whirl through a circle of circumstance that is poignant, involving, and especially moving to dog lovers who want a novella about crisis, escape, and recovery.

Sarah and Zoey can be read in short segments, so it’s perfect for busy fiction readers who want high drama packed into succinct chapters. The mechanics whereby loss and endangered lives heal are nicely portrayed in a winning story that emphasizes hope and offers an involving tale dog lovers will relish.

~D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

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