COVER REVEAL!!!!!!!! HER LADYSHIP’S RING (Book 2 in the Oak Grove Mysteries) by P.J. MacLayne

Harmony Dupree is back!!!!

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Yes, amateur sleuth, Harmony Duprie, is back, and so is trouble in Oak Grove.

When a man is murdered in the back yard of the old Victorian house she is remodeling, Harmony is determined to help locate his next-of-kin so he can be put to rest properly. But with her ex-boyfriend Jake out of prison, back in town and one of the suspects in the murder, she takes on the challenge of solving the crime.

With Eli, her current love interest, in Florida and Jake close by, old emotions come back to haunt her. Can Harmony clear Jake’s name and solve the mystery of her own heart?

Author P.J. MacLayne
Author P.J. MacLayne

Although each book in the series is a complete story (no cliffhanger endings) the books should be read in order.

The Marquesa’s Necklace, the first book in the Oak Grove series, is available at major e-book retailers. (Link to the Kindle version:  AMAZON).

Want to check out an excerpt from HER LADYSHIP’S RING?  No problem!



The first thing I noticed when walking into my apartment was the afghan I kept on the back of the recliner.  It was on the floor and hadn’t been like that when I left. “So who’s been sitting in my chair?” I asked. “Eli?” I called hopefully to no response.

Then I noticed the dirty dishes in my kitchen sink. “So who’s been eating my porridge?” I whispered to myself. Surely a thief wouldn’t have stopped to make himself a sandwich.

I tip-toed down the hallway, holding my breath. The bathroom was empty, but my bedroom door was partially closed. I carefully pushed it open and peeked inside. A familiar head nestled on my pillow. “So that’s who’s been sleeping in my bed.”

Now does that tickle your fancy? If so, why don’t you check out P.J.’s blog: I’m sure she’ll be providing updates on this wonderful cozy mystery series!

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