Book Review: The Haunting of Cabin Green, A Modern Gothic Horror Novel

The plot of this novel revolves around a young man, Ben, whose fiancé, Kyra, has died unexpectedly. How he dies is not revealed until the end of the novel, but it is easy for the reader to make the assumption that it was some sort of tragic accident which Ben may, or may not, have been involved in. Consumed by grief, Ben eschews a planned trip to Virginia Beach and, instead, travels to Cabin Green, a remote cabin somewhere in the wilds of Michigan. Once there, he wallows in his grief, as strange things begin to occur.

This novel has an interesting premise and, some of the occult happenings that Ben experiences are downright scary. Best example of this is the “vulture” episode. However, as a reader, from the get-go, I couldn’t sympathize or identify with him. As a character, I found him just plain irritating. Also, some of his experiences at Cabin Green seemed to go on forever and I found myself skimming through them rather than being enthralled by them.

I was also disappointed in the ending – things were only half-explained and the “ghost’s” motivation remained a mystery.

All in all, not a bad horror novel, but it could have been so much better.

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I received a free copy of this novel as a member of the Horror Writers Association.