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Songs written by Linda Watkins

The No Power Blues

Just found this little song on a notepad while I was cleaning.  Must have jotted it down sometime when the power was out!

The No Power Blues

Rain comin’ down and

The wind is gusty,

Cellar’s getting all damp and musty,

Power gone out around 10 pm,

Don’t know when it’ll come back on again.


Got no water,

Got no heat,

Got no stove to cook my meat


Got no TV,

No headline news,

Think I’ve got the no power blues!


Got no phone,

Got no email,

Got on one to tell my tale.


Sit in the dark and

Drink that booze

Think I’ve got the no power blues!


CMP come save the day,

Take the no power blues away,

Orange truck be such a sight,

Turn on the juice, everything’s all right!