BOOK REVIEW: Croissants, Crimes, and Canines by Colleen Mooney

If humorous cozies are your passion, then this is the book for you. It’s book nine in the New Orleans Go Cup Chroniclesseries, but author, Mooney, gives the reader just the right amount of information so that it can be read as a standalone. 

The story starts with Brandy Alexander, an investigator for a telecom company, driving her childhood friend, Ava Frost, to look at an apartment for rent. Ava, who works for the same firm as Brandy, has been transferred to New Orleans from New York in order to care for her father who is a patient in a nursing home. When Brandy and Ava discover that the apartment they’re searching for is located in a not-so-nice part of town, they still soldier on, willing to take a look at it. But their journey is abruptly halted by the sound of gunshots coming from a nearby house. The women duck down, then peek out just in time to see two gunmen in dark hoodies running from the house to a red Camaro, chased close behind by a Giant Schnauzer! The schnauzer grabs one of the gunmen by the arm and, in response, the man shoots the dog, then gets into the car and drives off. Brandy, who is a fierce dog-lover, cannot leave the giant dog to die in the driveway. So, she throws caution to the wind and rushes to his aid. Thus, begins a mystery that only these two women can solve!

Croissants, Crimes, and Canines is a fast-paced read set during the height of the pandemic in iconic New Orleans. In addition to solving the mystery, Brandy also must navigate how to plan her wedding amid all the social restrictions imposed because of the pandemic. Twists, turns, and quirky characters abound as Brandy and Ava combine their unique skills to solve the crime and save the schnauzer!

Croissants, Crimes, and Canines by Colleen Mooney is highly recommended by this reader for lovers of cozy mysteries set in fabulous locations and crime novels that involve canines!