Blogging About The Storm

It has been snowing here since I got up at 5 a.m.  I think we have about 4-5 inches so far.  And this is NOT the big storm everyone is talking about.  That will come later this afternoon-evening and tomorrow.  The snow that we are getting now is some other disturbance and current estimates say we might get up to 8 inches.  On the plus side, it is light and fluffy and easy to clear off the porch and walkway.  On the minus side, it will blow easily and and often.

I managed to get my dogs walked this morning – poor Jasper kept getting snowballs between his toes.  This is probably the last walk they will get for at least 36 to 48 hours.

The storm tomorrow is supposed to bring us Islanders wind gusts of hurricane strength and blizzard conditions.  If I total up the National Weather Service’s projected snowfall between this morning and Sunday, on the high end, I come up with 32 inches of snow.  That’s a lot of snow.

image It’s noon and I just another 2 inches or so from the porch.  i just took this picture.  Note – before this morning, there was no snow at all.  And this isn’t even the real storm!   Just heard on the news that this non-storm is going to give us about 8 inches.  The real storm will give us a lot more.   Time for lunch now.  More later.