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Tony Reed is a cautious man. So cautious that he spends the wee hours of the morning driving around Big Sky, Montana surveilling the place, looking for anything or anyone that doesn’t quite fit. Unfortunately for him and his two children, one morning he finds what he’s looking for – two men, not locals, who definitely do not belong in the quiet Montana town. Tony returns to the cabin he calls home and wakes 16-year-old Kristen with two words, “Plan B.” Thus begins a harrowing adventure through the mountains of Montana and a race to survive, not only the elements, but also Kristen and Ryan’s biological father who will stop at nothing to bring them back into the family fold.

North of Nowhere is a relentless page-turner that this reader found really hard to put down! The plot is fast-paced and draws the reader in from page one and keeps her there until the final “The End.” I particularly liked the characters of Tony (wish there had been more of him) and Boyd, the kids’ biological father. Neither of these men were all good or all bad, but they were tied together by one thing – their love for the kids, Kristen and Ryan. I can see possible prequels in the future relating the backstories of each of these two men in more detail.

I thoroughly enjoyed North of Nowhere and would like to thank the publisher, Minotaur Books,  and Netgalley for providing me with a free ARC copy of the novel.