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SUMMER GIRL, A NOVEL – Revised version with new cover!

It’s 2023 and I decided at the end of 2022 to take a second look at my novel, Summer Girl. When I first wrote it in 2016, I wrote two different endings. The one I published was open-ended – letting the reader decide what happened to the two protagonists, Andi and Jake. Now, I felt the time was ripe to change the ending to the other one I’d written (and now revised) which lets the reader in on what really happened to these two wonderful characters.

At the same time, I decided to make a new cover. I was never really happy with the shadow that crept over part of my name on the original, so I decided to revise that, too.

The results, I believe, are awesome!

Summer Girl is the story of two teens who meet on an island off the coast of Maine in 1965. Jake is an island boy. Andi is a summer girl. The novel follows these two through the dawning of first love, dark times, tragedy, and remembrance. The novel ends in 1991. How it ends, well, you have to read the story to find out!

When first published, Summer Girl won a gold medal as a Finalist in Fiction from Book Excellence Awards and a silver medal from Readers Favorite. The novel is, in my opinion, the best book I have written and, even today, I cannot read it without shedding a tear or two.

Summer Girl, A Novel, revised version, is available now in eBook format and on #KindleUnlimited. I am hoping to possibly turn it. into an audiobook in 2023!