Book Review: WHY SHE LEFT US by David Dennis






“Why She Left Us”, by David Dennis,  is a beautiful and exceptional literary read.

Told, in the first person, through 5 different points of view, it is the story of a deeply dysfunctional family and of a young woman, victimized by unrelenting psychological abuse, who reaches for the stars and, for a short time, is transported.

Dennis weaves this tale exquisitely through the characters’ writings, keeping the reader enthralled wondering first of all which one is the “she” who leaves, and, more importantly, what eventually happened to tear her world apart. From the opening passages of Monica’s Memoirs, I was hooked and had a hard time putting this book down. Dennis’ writing is flawless and his characters are so real and complex, I felt I could almost reach out and touch them. The end is dramatic and surprisingly touching. There were tears in my eyes, for sure.

Thank you, Mr. Dennis, for a truly remarkable reading experience. This is one read I will not soon forget. I give it:


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