5-STAR BOOKBUB REVIEW FOR STORM ISLAND, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery (Audio Version)

When surgical resident Kate Pomeroy begins having nightmarish visions, a leave of absence to recover her sanity is in order. A few weeks R&R at her aunt’s estate on Storm Island might have done the trick, were it not for the odd going’s on, a possible ghost, and some truly nefarious ne’er do well’s looking for a big score! “Storm Island” is a riveting gothic mystery that will not only keep you guessing, but will pull out all the feels! Beautifully written and narrated with a smooth flowing, well paced, yet eerie feel, I was throughly engaged, kept in the moment, and I was taken by surprise when all was revealed! I loved how Kate’s and Jeremy’s character’s were developed, and how their stories played out over the course of the book. I really came to care about them and I admit, I really waffled about Jeremy! No spoilers! I don’t want to give anything away! Listen and you will understand exactly what I mean. Storm Island also has some beautifully developed villainous characters. I can’t identify them for fear of playing spoiler, but I confess, I had some VERY strong feelings about them as I listened, and it was not pretty! The plot was fantastic! I found it dark, delightfully twisty, yet easy to follow and beautifully explained. My interest was held throughout and never wavered! I loved the narration. It truly brought both the characters and the story to life! I loved everything about this one. Five fantastic stars! ~bobglory on BookBub

Storm Island, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery is also available in print, eBook, and on #KindleUnlimited. It is the first novel in the award-winning Kate Pomeroy Gothic Mystery Series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Linda Watkins.

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