Writing! – Update!

IMG_0692Story update:  I was up almost all night writing this story in my mind.  I have the ending roughed out and written down.  And I know how I’m going to get there!  I am so jazzed!


I’m writing again!  Finally!  I’ve decided to put together a short story as a sort of prequel to “Mateguas Island”.  It’s tentatively titled “The Unraveling” and it’s a description of the events that lead Bill and Karen’s decide to move to the island – the loss of his job and the beginning of the disintegration of their marriage.  These subjects are touched on in the novel, yet not fully fleshed out.  I’ve written 2600 words so far today which is a good start.  Don’t know if it will all work yet – it’s straight fiction – no paranormal elements planned!   I think it could be good.  If not, at least it’s fun!  Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Writing! – Update!”

  1. Good luck, for sure!

    I am intrigued with doing a series of short stories to support my novel. There are lots of opportunities in the area of sequels and prequels and short stories. You may want to consider a story that goes way back to the formation of the original curse/ roots of the Mateguas Island story. Perhaps the characters are all Indians.

    1. Thanks, Steve. The webinar I attended on Tuesday suggested writing a short story, too. I immediately started something on the Indian woman – taking her from childhood, when she was dedicated to Mateguas, to puberty when she was impregnated by him. But, somehow, the spirit (no pun intended) didn’t move me to put words on paper. So, I began tossing other ideas around in my head. This is the one that rose to the top of the flotsam and jetsam of my brain and I’m going to go with it for the time being since, for some reason, it flows!

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