MATEGUAS ISLAND FANS – I’ve know you are all anxiously awaiting the third full-length novel in the series, which I am writing right now. Since I don’t expect to publish until late in 2015, I thought I’d wet your appetite by periodically posting a little snippets from the novel, which has a working title of SECRETS OF PUFFIN ISLAND or GHOSTS OF MATEGUAS.  I’d love feedback on these excerpts as well as your opinion on the title!

This first snippet is from the PROLOGUE:

“This fog is as thick as pea soup,” he muttered to himself as he tried to navigate the tortuous coastal route. Leaning forward over the wheel in an attempt to see better, he steered the car carefully along the many twists and turns of the highway. It was predawn and he hoped that once the sun began to rise, the fog would rapidly burn off Image 3making the rest of his journey less harrowing. He estimated he still had another hour or so on the road before he reached his destination.

As he inched his way along the highway, his mind wandered back to the phone call that had motivated him to attempt this drive in the first place. Urgent, they said it was urgent. No details left on voicemail – just that I had to come in person. Knowing they wouldn’t have asked him to make this unscheduled visit unless the situation was grave, he’d left early, hoping to arrive just before they opened. But now the damned fog was turning the two-hour drive into four.

Image 4A series of sharp “S” switchbacks loomed ahead and he forced his concentration back onto the road. As he approached the first, he was startled when bearing down on him from out of nowhere, came two bright lights, blinding him. Without thinking, he swerved the car to the right, onto the narrow gravel shoulder, barely missing the ditch beyond. The semi that had been driving in his lane blared its horn at him annoyingly as it hurried past.

Taking a deep breath, he brought the car to a halt and sat quietly trying to control the rapid beating of his heart. That was a close one, he thought. Slowly, putting the car in gear, and praying there was no one coming up behind him, he steered back onto the highway and continued his journey. This is crazy, he thought. I’m going to kill myself and what good will that do anyone. Better stop for coffee. Maybe the fog will start to burn off.

As if hearing his thoughts, a green sign appeared signaling that the next exit was one mile ahead. The sign contained numerous symbols indicating that there were services to be had there – fast food and access to the beach. Nodding to himself, he eased the car onto the ramp and, breathing a sigh of relief, drove to the nearest restaurant.

The lights of the golden arches glowed eerily in the dense mist, taking on a surreal quality. He paid for his coffee, parked his car, and followed the signs leading down to the shore.

10565015_10153053591480278_1489957909539949758_nGazing out toward the sea, he could see the faint glow of the sun as it began its journey over the horizon. He could hear the waves beating against the rocky shoreline and smell the salt air, but the fog still held everything else tightly in its grasp.

He waited, sipping the hot coffee, letting the phone conversation that had brought him out here play repeatedly in his head.

Urgent. They said it was urgent.

Again, feeling the gravity of the situation, he emptied the rest of his drink into the sand, crushed the cup and threw it into a waste receptacle in the parking lot. He quickly returned to his car and pulled back onto the highway. The fog was not as thick as before and he smiled grimly to himself as he increased his speed.

He checked his watch, one more hour to go. He would make it.

AND THAT’S IT!!! Let me know what you think!