Book Review: The Errant Flock by Jana Petken

ImageA brilliant piece of historical fiction, The Errant Flock captures a very dark period in Spain’s history wherein the Church and the Inquisition reign over the lives of its people. Set in the town of Sagrat in the 15th century, The Errant Flock tells the story of David Sanz, a young, idealistic officer in Duke Luis Perato’s militia. In the opening chapters, Perato’s wife, who suffers from insanity, has just given birth to a stillborn child, and the Duke schemes with his Treasurer, Garcia, to replace the dead infant with a one from an innocent family. To accomplish this, he recruits Sanz to commit murder by threatening the young officer’s family with death.

To further complicate matters, the Sanz’ are Jewish by heritage and Christian by conversion, living in a time when persecution of Jews is rampant. Into this dangerous mix, comes the Inquisitor, Gaspar De Amo, who is also Perato’s father-in-law, and who seeks to stamp out what he sees as blatant heresy in the town of Sagrat.

The novel is fast-paced, a real page-turner, and Petken keeps the reader fully invested in the fates of Sanz and his family. Well-researched, the story also lays bare a time in history that, curiously, is extremely relevant today.

Petken, author of other such notable historical novels as Guardian of The Secrets and Swearing Allegiance, has outdone herself with The Errant Flock. This is an extremely entertaining and enlightening novel and comes, from this reader, most highly recommended.

ImageIn addition, Petken has penned a sequel to The Errant Flock (titled The Scattered Flock) which I look forward to with great anticipation!

The Errant Flock is available on AMAZON.


81wKDIOJXdL._UX250_-1Jana Petken served in the (British) Royal Navy as a leading Wren Regulator, equivalent to a sergeant in the military police.

After the Navy she worked for a travel company as an overseas representative.

She was a security guard at the BBC World Service radio station. Afterwards she spent twelve years as a bodyguard for a Saudi Arabian Princess.

Her final career was as a cabin-crew member for British Airways. Unfortunately, she suffered serious injuries on board a flight. The aircraft, a Boeing 747, was flying at 39,000 feet above Africa when it was caught in clear-air turbulence. As a result of that accident, she endured three major operations on her spinal cord, and was forced into retirement.

Image 2Jana Petken is a multi award winning and best selling historical fiction author. Her books include:
The Guardian of Secrets. (2013)
The Mercy Carver Series: Dark Shadows, book 1, and Blood Moon, book 2. (2014)
The Errant Flock: The Flock Series, Book 1. (2015)
Swearing Allegiance. (2016)
Coming, Autumn, 2016, The Flock Series, book 2