Coming in 2017: MATEGUAS REBIRTH – The 4th Full-Length Novel in the MATEGUAS ISLAND SERIES

MRWhen I wrote GHOSTS OF MATEGUAS, I fully intended it to be the end of the Andersen saga. However, the characters will not let go of me! They invade my consciousness and urge me to continue. And, so I will. While I’m still working on my coming-of-age romance, SUMMER GIRL, I have recently penned approximately 5,000 words on REBIRTH and the many threads that weave in and out of the novel are beginning to come together as a tapestry in my mind.

MR-coastal routeThe working title for this potentially final novel in the series is, as noted,  MATEGUAS REBIRTH and, while that may change, I’ve chosen to call it this for many reasons. Number one, obviously, is because the novel will be about rebirth (DUH!) – but not only the rebirth of the ‘Blessed Boy,’ but the rebirth of love, friendship, and connection to the legends and mysteries of the island itself.

It will also be a ghost story. As in most Gothic mysteries, there will be things that go bump in the night and characters forced to walk the astral plane. But REBIRTH will also continue to explore the ghosts of the past that haunt my characters. Will they finally make peace with them? I don’t know yet.

MR-sexOf course, there are folks who deserve to get their ‘comeuppance’ and pay for the transgressions they committed in previous novels. And, there are others who deserve to be redeemed and maybe, one or two, who need to be both punished and set free. Who they are only time, and my fertile imagination, will tell.

Suffice to say, all the major players will be back: Terri, Shawn, Dex, Sophie, Bill, Harry & Charlie, and, of course,  … Karen. Yes, Karen will be ever present in the novel in many forms, some benign and some (perhaps) deadly. And what about Susan LeVeque? I’m not sure if she will make an appearance or not, but I’m thinking on it.

So, gentle readers, I anticipate that the tale will be ready for publication in early 2017, and I will keep you updated here on my blog, ( If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to pass them on by completing the form below.