BOOK REVIEW: “Conduit” by Angie Martin

20986629To say CONDUIT is a thriller is an understatement. From the first page to the harrowing conclusion, this is an absolute page-turner.

It is the story of Emily Monroe, a closet psychic and private investigator, who is stalked mentally by another psychic who is also a serial killer.  David, the serial killer, uses the strong psychic energy generated by his victims’ terror and pain to connect to Emily, who he fantasizes is his true love. Emily and her partner, ex-cop, Cassie, are asked by veteran homicide detective, Lionel Edwards (Cassie’s uncle) to consult on the case, thus involving them intimately with the details of the brutal murders. Suffice to say, the terror escalates as David gets deeper and deeper into Emily’s psyche and she must use all her talents and the talents of those around her to try to find a way to survive.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, but must give you a word of warning: Don’t read the final chapters late at night or you might find yourself sleeping with the lights on!