Giant cockroaches, body snatchers, and a race against time to save humanity! Highway Twenty by Michael Moore is classic horror at its best!

Conor Mitchell, a young man in his twenties, is at loose ends. He has a job at Skagit Break & Muffler and a girlfriend who is more of a sex buddy then a companion for life. Conor seems to be drifting, however, he longs for more. He just begins to believe that his relationship with the girl, Shelby Metcalf, is beginning to become something substantial, when the world as he knows it shifts and tilts on its end.

People begin disappearing – only to reappear days later somewhat altered – somewhat different. Homeless man, Percly, who sleeps in an old locomotive, is one of the first to see them for what they really are – insectile creatures who have a propensity to propagate their species. Yet, to most people, they look normal – like the regular townsfolk they are masquerading as.

This was a fun read with pages turning effortlessly as Conor and Percly race against time to save their town and humanity. Fans of old time horror movies like Them! will especially enjoy this read. 

Highly recommended for fans of horror and dystopian novels. I’ll be looking for more from Mr. Moore in the future.