Mateguas Island, A Novel of Terror and Suspense

Mateguas Island - Book CoverWhat could be more idyllic than to live on an island off the coast of Maine? That’s what Bill Andersen thought when he moved his family to Mateguas. But Mateguas is more than pristine beaches nestled between rocky shores. No, Mateguas is something quite different….

On a remote island, a troubled family is trying to put together the pieces of their shattered lives and start over. But unbeknownst to them, the property they have inherited is steeped in ancient magic – magic that could seek to destroy and devour them.

An arcane locked box, a strange and foreboding trail into the woods, a seductive young woman, and tales of a malevolent Indian spirit are just some of the perils Karen Andersen must navigate in order to find a way to save her family.

A spine-tingling tale filled with passion, lies and betrayal, Ms. Watkins’ debut novel will have you sleeping with the lights on!

MATEGUAS ISLAND – available as an eBook and in print on Amazon. To purchase, click below:


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3 thoughts on “Mateguas Island, A Novel of Terror and Suspense”

  1. Have you considered self publishing your work? It is a good way for fist time novel writers to get their voice heard with the right online marketing and blog platform behind the book. I’m working on self publishing my first novel Last Words a romance suspense novel. I’d love to read your book! Best of Luck to you! Feel free to stay in touch.

    1. Thanks for the support. While I am still pursuing the traditional route, I am leaning towards self-publishing. Good luck with your novel. I’ll check out your website!

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