Zombies! Final Verses

I’ve finally finished the poem and will print it in it’s entirety here.  It was a fun exercise!  L.

There are zombies on the loose

And they’re after Mother Goose!

They have eaten Mary’s lamb

And turned Jack Horner into spam!


All that’s left of Mother Hubbard,

You could fit inside her cupboard!

But they left her dog alone,

Cause he’s skinny like his bone.


Olde King Cole has lost his crown

As the zombies chase him down.

A fine meal that king will make

Maybe in a zombie cake!


Itsy bitsy spider fled

She found a zombie in her web.

Mary Mary cried “No, No,”

As that zombie grabbed her toe.


Humpty Dumpty was a snack

For the zombies when he cracked.

In a fry pan he now sets

Mmmmm, a tasty omelette!


The mad Goose called Jack and Jill

And together they went up the hill

Where on the top her army sat

With Dr Seuss and cat in hat!


Bo Peep’s sheep is armed and ready

And his hoof is firm and steady.

Peep herself favors a whip

Which she cradles at her hip.


Peter Peter wields a mace

Just to hit a zombie face.

Puss n’boots is standing tall

Hoping that the zombies fall.


The old woman left her shoe

As she joined the Goose’s crew.

With her children by her side

They hope to turn the zombie tide.


Simple Simon threw his pie

And hit a zombie in the eye.

But the zombie threw it back

Defusing Simon’s weak attack.


Rhyming here and rhyming there

That old Goose is everywhere.

Zombies scream and hold their ears

For it ‘s her bad poems that they fear.


“Enough!” did cry the zombie king

Your bad rhymes pack quite a sting!

My hoard and I will leave your land

And go and hassle Peter Pan!


Mother Goose did dance with glee

As she watched the zombies flee.

Now all is well in Nursery land

For they vanquished the zombie band!