The Empty Space: A Kate Pomeroy Mystery by Linda Watkins is the fourth in a series. Kate is on duty at the hospital when she learns that her husband, Jason (AKA Jeremy Bradshaw), has been shot multiple times and is on the way to the Aleris Sølsiden hospital where she works. At the same time, images on the TV screen show the raid on a house by US and Turkish authorities, a house she knows well, and the place where she had been imprisoned by Vladimir Sokolov, her abductor. Now she needs justice for her husband and she will stop at nothing to get to the man who did this. But she doesn’t know the danger she is getting herself into. Follow her journey as she walks a treacherous path of revenge. Does she have what it takes to face the enemies on this route?

This is a great thriller with an explosive opening. It begins with Jeremy getting shot while on his fishing boat and from that moment on, the story becomes emotionally intense. Kate is a well-developed character; a woman who has to change her name and abandon her real credentials just to stay safe. Now, she has to face her nemesis. The writing is gorgeous and I loved the timely paragraph breaks, the drama, captured in well-crafted dialogues. The Empty Space by Linda Watkins is a fast-paced, psychologically engaging thriller that follows a character who won my sympathy from the very moment I met her in the story. It features great writing, compelling characters, and a story I’d want to see on screen. ~Romuald Dzemo for Readers Favorite

The Empty Space is on preorder on Amazon for an introductory price of only #99cents! Publication date is October 30, 2020.

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