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Imagine a world where water is so scarce that people will fight to the death to control what’s left. Author Andrea Perno has created such a world in her epic science fiction dark fantasy, The Last Drop. Her protagonist, Avery, is the son of one of the military commanders who controls the distribution of what’s left of the planet’s water resources. In a harrowing scene, the father murders Jeremy, Avery’s older brother, because he has taken something – something the military wants. But Jeremy refuses to give it back or reveal its whereabouts and the father, angry, kills his eldest son in front of a horrified Avery. War breaks out on Earth and what is left of the water supply becomes infected by a deadly virus, killing Avery’s mother and sister. The only option left is to leave the dying planet. Thus, Avery and his younger brother, Jace, are whisked away to a spaceship and along with two hundred other earthlings, fly off to the closest habitable planet, Panacea. But this planet is not the paradise it’s cracked up to be. No, Panacea and its indigent population are also dealing with water shortages and this sets up a conflict with military forces from Earth who seek to dominate and conquer. Avery is caught in the middle and must decide which side he is on. Torn, he often compares himself to his lost brother, Jeremy, and, in his mind, he often falls short.

Author Perno’s world-building in The Last Drop is phenomenal. No detail is overlooked. Narrator Austin Rising does a great job differentiating the voices of all the main characters and adds nuance when needed. The novel is also not devoid of romance, as Avery meets Clesandra, a beautiful, angry, young woman who wields a very special knife that is pivotal to the plot. Other characters include Sheol, (who becomes Avery’s friend), Zap (one of the indigenous population of Panacea), Smith (a cruel military commander), and Rustin (a psychotic soldier who enjoys killing). The Last Drop is the first novel in The Last Drop Series so it is not surprising that it ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger!

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Last Drop. A fan of Perno’s since reading her debut novel, Remotely Unplugged, I can recommend The Last Drop most highly for fans of post-apocalyptic tales, science fiction, and dark fantasy. Perno is a gifted author and I look forward to reading or listening to more of The Last Drop Series.