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When a former KGB sociopath who will do anything to obtain the object of his desire fails in his attempt to abduct her, an international security agency is paid to assassinate him in the psychological thriller, The Empty Space (A Kate Pomeroy Mystery) by Linda Watkins. To escape imprisonment for false charges pressed by Vlad, the psycho who wants to possess Kate, she and Jeremy are living in Norway under assumed identities. While working as a fisherman, Jeremy is shot by an assassin and lies in the hospital in a coma. An old associate of Jeremy convinces Kate to change her perspective and, instead of being a victim, be the aggressor, and neutralize her stalker. Leaving Norway and traveling to France, Kate begins her training. Vlad has taken up residence nearby and is waiting for the team’s arrival. Can Kate escape Vlad’s ceaseless attempts to enslave her? Or will she once again fall under his spell? 

Filled with intrigue and edge of the seat excitement, The Empty Space (A Kate Pomeroy Mystery) by Linda Watkins is an extraordinary psychological thriller. With a heart-stopping storyline and a twisted plot, it is a spellbinding story from beginning to end. Complex and compelling, the characters contrast each other brilliantly, providing depth and dimension to the plot. Each chapter presents a character’s point of view, and although somewhat distracting, the varied perspectives heighten the turmoil and peril, moving the story forward. Taking the reader on a breathless journey, it is an exhilarating novel where suspense and danger climax to a spine-tingling finale. It is a gripping book that will enthrall those who enjoy thrillers charged with mystery, action, and insanity. Although it is the fourth book in the series, it does well as a stand-alone. ~Susan Sewell for Readers Favorite

THE EMPTY SPACE is on preorder now on Amazon for only #99cents! Publication date is October 30, 2020