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Book Review: Platform Shoes, A Steve Daniels Mystery by Linda Watkins

Review Rating: 5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review! Reviewed By Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite

Captain Steve Daniels served in England as a pilot in the US Air Army Corps. After crashing his plane and sustaining terrible injuries, he quit active duty. In 1943, the top brass sent Steve back home to the United States as a teacher at the Cadet Academy. A visit to the bar brought Steve and Kathy together. Kathy was drop-dead gorgeous with red hair that would make saints sin, but she was also his commanding officer’s wife. Unfortunately, the traumas and nightmares that haunted Steve made him vulnerable and willing prey for a seductress. Then, out of the blue, tragedy struck, snowballing into catastrophes that produced the hangman’s noose. Who kills, who lives, who dies, and who pays? Find out in Platform Shoes: A Steve Daniels Mystery by Linda Watkins.

There is a reason that covetousness is a sin. That which we covet is often not worth it, yet destroys everything we hold dear. Platform Shoes by Linda Watkins is the kick-off installment of the Steve Daniels Mystery series and a brilliant story about coveting. This novel was intriguing, suspenseful, and realistic. Watkins created exceptional characters that I connected with, especially Carole. The plot was original and the dialog flowed effortlessly. Watkins is a talented storyteller that produced a flawed protagonist, as Steve was a decent man but also a glutton for punishment! Well, pride goes before a fall, after all. Carole was the star of this novel. She was brave and never relented, even when she had reason to abandon everything. We all want a Carole in our corner. The book was an excellent read, and I’d look out for subsequent installments. Kudos!

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