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EDITORIAL REVIEW: Platform Shoes, A Steve Daniels Mystery by Linda Watkins

REVIEW: A wartime thriller with plenty of romance and mystery to go around, Platform Shoes by Linda Watkins is a dramatic, nostalgic escape. Captain Steven Daniels’ post-war posting as a flight instructor brings him within reach and desire of Kathy Forrest, the dazzling wife of his superior with too much time on her hands and a penchant for mischief. Waging an ongoing war against PTSD and tortured sleep, along with readjusting to life with a bum leg and the weight of grief on his shoulders, the chance at real romance and connection becomes fatally tempting for the Captain. With a throwback atmosphere permeating the language and setting, this excellent first entry in Watkins’ new mystery series will transport readers to another era, though the thrills and stakes feel timeless.

Self-Publishing Review