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Midwest Book Review Takes A Look At “The Empty Space, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery”

The Empty Space provides the 4th addition to the Kate Pomeroy mystery series, continuing the tradition of involving Kate in hair-raising confrontations with dangerous aggressors.

Here, a sniper has focused on one of the most important people in Kate’s life. Kate and Jeremy have fled to Norway under assumed identities, and neither is leading the kind of life they want. They are hiding from both the FBI and the Turkish police, who want to extradite her to Turkey despite her innocence, and notorious criminal Vladimir Sokolov is once again in the news.

Vlad has apparently decided to punish someone else for a change, but Kate’s new life isn’t immune to adversity, and soon she finds herself once again immersed in a personal threat that has followed them to Norway, a place where violence is infrequent and shocking.

The assault opens a new chapter in Kate’s life as she finds herself involved with a group of recruits on a mission to find and neutralize Sokolov’s threat. As she becomes an integral part of a wider operation that needs her, she moves between being a physician and confronting deadly forces.

As in the previous Kate books, Linda Watkins does an outstanding job of juxtaposing Kate’s personal and professional lives with outside threats that come from special interests as well as a psychopath on a mission. These ongoing threats continue to test Kate’s abilities and resilience, as well as her ability to problem-solve and survive. They bring a multifaceted, engrossing atmosphere to her story.

Although this is the fourth book in the series, no prior familiarity is required with Kate in order to enjoy her latest adventure. Prior confrontations and choices are seamlessly inserted into the story line to make for smooth transitions between past experience and present-day threat, while the story moves between Vlad’s perceptions and logic and Kate’s actions in a very satisfying, insightful manner.

Filled with the same attention to detail that blends psychological with pathological inspections, The Empty Space is as engrossing as its predecessors. It offers a fast-paced series of confrontations and discoveries that will keep gothic fiction and suspense readers immersed and wondering to the end, which leaves the door ajar for more Kate experiences while neatly concluding this chapter in her life.

Mystery readers are in for a treat! ~D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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