Road-Kill Heaven

Last night I dreamed I went to Road Kill Heaven,

I was a squirrel run down in front of the Seven Eleven.

I was just trying to get to the other side,

Now I lay on the curb, twitching and barely alive.


My soul it flew straight up into the sky,

I flew so fast and, yes, I flew so high.

I landed in a place that was so fresh and green,

Trees, grass and fields, but no deadly machines.


All the animals, well, they ran free up there,

I saw cats and squirrels and, yes, an occasional bear.

Everything was just so peaceful and serene,

It was the most beautiful place I think I’ve ever been.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm,

I was in my bed and I was safe and warm,

But a part of me wanted to go right back there,

To lie in the grass and breathe the fresh clean air.


Oh gosh, how I miss Road Kill Heaven,

Oh gosh, how I miss Road Kill Heaven………….



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