Book Review: Rookwood Asylum by david longHORN

This novel started off great – an asylum where the insane ones are the doctors, not the patients. The director of the hospital spends his time conducting unconventional experiments on the helpless inmates who are, with good reason, terrified. Finally, one of the experiments runs amuck and, as a result, the hospital burns down killing everyone inside. Flash forward to present day when the property is being renovated as an apartment house. The main character, Paul, whose marriage has gone on the rocks, decides to rent there and soon becomes aware that the living aren’t the only ones who residing at Rookwood.

This was a good haunted house story, but not great. The characters were rather one-dimensional and I would have liked it better if I could have invested more emotion in them. However, the novel is an easy read and, those who enjoy hauntings, will find it satisfying.

Four stars!

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