Leaving Shadows (The Shadows Series, Book 1) by author, Eric J. Gates, is a well-written, beautifully-crafted, thriller that this reader had an extremely hard time putting down. The novel begins with an abduction. Bernard Trubshaw (also known as “C”), head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, is on his way to work when he is incapacitated with a neurotoxin, hidden in a sealed casket, and whisked away by persons’ unknown. Learning of the kidnapping, the Deputy Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, Rhys Edwards, and SIS man, Gary Deacon, journey to a quaint Victorian shopping mall and the offices of Charlie Alsop Consulting Services, a group of experts who specialize in finding kidnap victims and returning them discretely, safe and sound, along with any ransom that has been paid. Thus, the games begin as the team from CACS, with Deacon in tow as liaison to British Intelligence, pursue the kidnappers to bring Trubshaw home.

In Leaving Shadows, Author Gates has constructed a tautly woven, fast-paced thriller which keeps the reader guessing right up to its satisfying ending. Twists and turns abound as the CACS team hunts down its quarry. But things are not always as they seem. Is Trubshaw truly a victim or does he have an agenda of his own? Toss into the mix a couple of Spanish intelligence agents and an ex-KGB man and the chase becomes even more deadly. In addition, Author Gates describes technology, which lies at the center of this novel, that is frightening and could be catastrophic if placed into the wrong hands.

Leaving Shadows is an excellent thriller and a real page-turner. As noted in the title, it’s the first book in a series so hang on to your hats for there is more excitement to come. Highly recommended for fans of techno-thrillers, spy thrillers, and anyone who just simply enjoys a good yarn.

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