Book Review: “Edging” by Michael Schutz

This was one terrific read that, like most classic horror, blends the terrors that exist in real-life with supernatural ones.

The story revolves around the Carlson family: Rick, Trish, and the twins, Tammy and Tim. Trish is unhappy in her role as suburban wife and mother and, as a result, has sought comfort elsewhere, in the arms of a younger man, Stephen. Rick suspects the infidelity, but tries to keep the family together for the sake of his kids.

Enter drug-dealer, Kenny, who has a new designer drug, Intenze, which creates hallucinations described as “being in your own horror movie.” Kenny turns Stephen on to the drug who, in turn, entices Trish, and the trail of addiction goes on and on, blanketing the town.

The effects of the drug, however, do more than just create nightmares. They awaken a monster who calls himself “The Thirst” and this supernatural being will seek to feed on each and every addict’s fear.

This is a super-intense, fast-paced novel. The characters are all complex and three dimensional, some sympathetic and some not. Twists and turns abound and, once you start, you will find yourself up in the wee smalls unable to put the book down.

This is  one of the best novels I’ve read since King’s masterpiece, “The Shining,” and, if you are a horror aficionado, you don’t want to miss this one.

Highly recommended … five great, big shiny stars.

I received a free copy of this book, which is nominated for a 2017 Bram Stoker Award, as a member of the Horror Writers Association.

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