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Cassie, a successful young woman, has been the victim of a life-threatening assault and, while her physical wounds are healing, she is left with traumatic amnesia. All she can remember from the incident is that she was jogging by the river when she was attacked by person or persons’ unknown. She has nightmares and some brief flashbacks, but none of these reveal the identity of her nemesis or the reason behind the attack. At home now in the loft apartment she shares with her live-in boyfriend, Leo, she struggles to remember and make some sense of what happened to her. Leo, for his part, is overbearing – suffocating – and, needing space, Cassie asks him to leave. This does not sit well with Leo, but, since the loft is hers, he packs his bags and goes to his brother Robb’s apartment. Cassie’s best friend Anna knows that Cassie was planning on giving Leo the boot prior to the attack and she now calls him, advising him to back off from Cassie. Anna also believes that Robb has a crush on Cassie and that he would be the better choice of the two brothers.

Thus, the wheels turn. Is Leo the attacker? Or, is it Robb? Or could it be Matt, Cassie’s employer? Author Torrens weaves a tight tale of suspense as she parcels out clues to the identity of Cassie’s attacker. At first, everything leads to Leo, but then new evidence is revealed and Robb seems to be the likely suspect. But what about Matt? He, too, appears to have a long-standing thing for our heroine. Could he have used the attack to bring her into his arms?

Amnesia is an exciting, fast-paced read and Author Torrens keeps the reader on the edge of his/her seat. A real page-turner, the novel is hard to put down. Highly recommended for lovers of romantic suspense and romantic thrillers.