Book Review: CapWar Election by Brandt Legg

Brandt Legg is a masterful writer of thrillers and his latest series, The CapStone Conspiracy, does not disappoint. I finished the first book in the series (CapWar Election) in the wee small hours of the morning, unable to put it down.

The book starts off with what appears to be a domestic terror group who are plotting the overthrow of the American government. Then, the plot switches to an Ohio hardware store owner, Hudson Pound, who will soon find himself recruited to become the next Republican candidate for President.

Conspiracy theories and dark secrets abound in this novel and it seems there is no one you can trust. The pace is fast and intense and the characters are multi-faceted.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and look forward to the next book in the series. 5 great big shiny stars!

Also, if you are interested in this novel – it’s on sale right now on Amazon for only 99cents!