Bringing Duffy Home

I got to be part of a dog rescue today.  Duffy, one of my Island neighbor’s dogs, got lost on the mainland on Monday.  He was sighted many times during the week, mostly on the interstate or close to it.  On Thursday, it was reported that he was hit by a car on the freeway, but ran away when approached.  His people were devastated.  But then there were more sightings.  They searched on Saturday – found lots of tracks, but no Duffy.

So, today, I joined the search.   We started at the Delorme parking lot.  Ginny and I waded through deep snow and through woods, calling for him.  But no Duffy.

We were going to head north, up to the Ford dealership, when Ginny got a call that he had been sighted back in Yarmouth.   By the time we got to the location of the sighting, he was gone.  Then another sighting – this time up by Rodgers Road, near Estabrooks.  We found his tracks leading in to the woods.   So there was more wading through snow, more calling for him, but still no Duffy.

There were more sightings in the neighborhood around Rodgers Road.  We split up and  I drove the streets looking for him and asking anyone walking if they’d seen him.  Finally, I turned a corner – there were four cars on the side of the road and people standing in the street – one of them was holding a lead and Duffy was at the end of it!  It was the most joyous moment – seeing that dog safe and back with his people!

So, he has survived his ordeal.  A bit skinny, some abrasions, and hungry, but, otherwise he looking okay.  He is a survivor – like so may dogs – and I am so happy I played a small part in his rescue today.