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Book Review: Malorie, A Bird Box Novel by Josh Malerman

When I read Bird Box several years ago, I never envisioned that author Malerman would write a sequel. But he has and, in my opinion, it is every bit as good as its predecessor.

Malorie opens at the School for the Blind where she and the children escaped to at the end of Bird Box. The children (Tom and Olympia) are now six years old. Unfortunately, what has been a safe haven for the past few years, has now been touched by madness. Malorie sees Annette, a blind woman, go mad and her fears escalate. Can the creatures now cause insanity by touching?

Malorie’s paranoia escalates and she gathers her children and once again is on the run. Flash forward, ten years. She and the children at living at what once was a Jewish summer camp. The kids are teens now and are beginning to rebel from all of Malorie’s rules. Enter a man who says he’s from the census who leaves papers with names of survivors and information about a “blind train.” Malorie’s parents’ names are on that list and, for once, a glimmer of hope blossoms in her mind.

I loved this novel and found it hard to put down. Malerman takes us deeply into Malorie’s tortured mind as she tries to keep everyone she loves safe. The specter of Gary from Birdbox haunts her and she not only sees (in her mind) creatures everywhere but also Gary hiding in the corners. In addition, the author takes us into the kids’ minds where we find both of them harboring secrets that they keep from their mother.

Malorie, an excellent psychological thriller, is highly recommended by this reader.