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Another wonderful read from Hunter Jones!

14251845-five-stars-ratingsSeptember Again has all the players–Liz, Jack, Zelda, Marlowe, bad boy Pete returns–and all the elements–poetry, email, diary entries, even a note plays a pivotal part of the story–but this is a completely different book than September Ends. Liz is a middle age widow left to raise a disturbed child. This is a book that shows the love of a mother for a child, possible Liz’s greatest love. Finally it reminds us that life is full of second chances and that love lasts forever.
“Zelda is your Savage spirit, wild and unleashed on the world.”
“She knows the call is from him but she answers it anyway. It is time to quit running.”
The novel is professionally edited and has a polish to it, from the cover until the end. I enjoyed the third person narrative and the unique dialogue worked the story. As for the upcoming prequel, when will it be published? I’ll mark my calendar.