Book Review: Gone to See the River Man

Gone to See the River Man is a relentless journey into darkness. Lori, the caretaker for her crippled and brain-damaged sister (Abby), is obsessed with a vicious serial killer, who is incarcerated. She tells herself it’s all about a book she’s going to write, but deep down she knows that’s just an excuse. 

Edmund, the serial killer, whom Lori visits in jail and exchanges correspondence with, asks her to go on a quest for him – go to the town of Killen, find his shack by the Hollow River, retrieve a key from a chest, and take it to the enigmatic River Man, who lives further downstream. Driven to prove herself to Edmund, Lori doesn’t question the wisdom of complying with his request. Thus, starts her journey into darkness, her sister, Abby, coming along for the ride.

As we follow the two young women into the depths of depravity, author Triana slowly peels away, like an onion, the layers of Lori’s dreadful and horrific past. No one is spared in this novel; the past being like a cudgel, always ready to strike when you least expect it.

Gone to See the River Man is indeed a dark and compelling novel that’s hard to put down once you start it. The tone is haunting and atmospheric as the reader dives deeper and deeper into Lori’s past and present motivations.

Gone to See the River Man is an excellent horror novel and is highly recommended by this reader.

Warning: There are within descriptions of an incestuous relationship which may act as a trigger for some people.