Midwest Book Review takes a look at “Abducted, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery”

Abducted, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery by Linda Watkins


Dr. Kate Pomeroy returns to town to be fitted for a wedding dress. The last thing on her mind is being kidnapped and trapped, taken away from everyone she loves. She’s getting married to her love, Jeremy, in two days, and that’s the focus of her world. Abducted covers a life-changing event that takes her away from all that is familiar, lending yet another twist to Kate’s story in the third book in the series.

Newcomers might anticipate that prior familiarity with its predecessors is required, but Abducted provides a satisfying recap of events from previous books and neatly sets the stage for Kate’s latest challenge, using only a few short paragraphs to do so.

The recap neatly blends into Kate’s abduction, her fiancée Jeremy’s frustration with investigative proceedings, and the involvement of a Russian operative who had tried to murder her, has been deported back to Russia, but somehow again becomes involved in making Kate’s life a nightmare.

There’s no mystery about the perps and their purposes, but what captures attention is Jeremy and Kate’s separate struggles to survive kidnapping, torture, and a devious plot to enthrall her forever.

As Kate begins to reach out to one of her abductors, she slowly uncovers the reasons behind not just their actions, but their psyches. Ripped from her home and everything familiar, she faces many challenges; but perhaps the biggest question of all is whether she can be the same person she was if she were to go home again.

Engrossingly realistic in its stories of physical and mental torture and the puzzling purposes behind everything, Abducted is not your typical ‘whodunit’, but a ‘whydoit’ that keeps readers involved, guessing, and on edge throughout. As Jeremy tests his own ability to prove an admirable consort to the courageous Dr. Pomeroy, he also discovers within himself questions about whether they can ever to return to what they had, if both survive.

Enthusiasts of international intrigue and women who face recovery from life-altering events will relish the psychological tensions and intrigue that permeates Abducted right to the end. Old fans will welcome the opportunity to absorb yet another step in Dr. Kate Pomeroy’s personal and professional evolution.“~D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Abducted, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery is currently on preorder on Amazon for only #99cents! Publication date: March 16, 2020.