Medical Thriller Fans, You Are In For A Treat! “The Case of the Dead Dowager” by Judith Lucci


A Taut, Fast-Paced Medical Thriller!

Countess Dorothy Borghase, (Dottie), is a hoot! The octogenarian aristocrat is spurred into action when one of her best friends, Camilla, unexpectedly drops dead during lunch at a fashionable Richmond bistro. Suspecting foul play, the Countess badgers her friend, ex-Richmond Homicide detective, Michaela McPherson, into helping her with the investigation. The plot thickens when Camilla’s death is followed by several others, all seemingly unconnected poisonings. Is it a terrorist plot? Or is there something else afoot?

This is a fast-paced, exciting tale of murder and mayhem in the old south that is hard to put down. Lucci’s medical background is apparent in her description of the signs and symptoms exhibited by the victims and in the composition of the poisons themselves. Having worked in the medical field, I enjoy thrillers of this nature (e.g., ‘Coma’ by Robin Cook, etc.) and this is one of the best I’ve read in a while.

‘Dowager’ is the second book in Lucci’s Michaela McPherson Mystery series, but you don’t have to read #1 to enjoy this one! It is a stand-alone mystery.

In summary, if you enjoy a good medical thriller, you don’t want to miss “The Case of the Dead Dowager”. Highly Recommended.

Five big, shiny stars!


Oh, and did I mention, the novel is already a bestseller on Amazon!