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Jun 01, 14
il-wzrgDKYNH0IrpNYwAcy8xtZnjzLgfdVzIRq6dqD8Prepare to bite your nails off!

All they wanted was a fresh start, a place where they could put all the past behind, and concentrate on the family life. But sometimes a new beginning is not necessarily a good beginning. Even when you might think it’s an opportunity to clear the table or when your intensions are good, the human nature can easily ruin whatever you had planned for.

For Andersen family, what started as an adventure, ended as something you wouldn’t wish for your worse enemy. A paradise turned hell on earth.
This story is chilling to the core. The plot is build layer by layer, slowly hooking the reader and making them fear whatever might be lurking around the corner. It is so realistic that even when I had finished the book, I still felt the aftermath and had to turn on all the lights in my house. Just in case…

Maybe it was because the story is filled with Native American folklore, or maybe it was just the author’s talented way of building the tension, but either way this was one of the most believable stories I’ve read. Creepy in a brilliant way and something I will definitely recommend to all paranormal-horror addicts.